Damien Centre Kindergarten


Our curriculum consists of the Core Curriculum and the Creative & Enrichment Curriculum.

The Core Curriculum consists of:

The Creative & Enrichment Curriculum consists of:

Core Curriculum



Our English programme covers basic language, phonics and literacy skills that eventually lead to reading and writing. It combines stories, songs, rhymes, language activities, reading, spelling and creative writing.



Children learn the basic strokes and their sequence in forming basic characters. It includes stories, songs, reading, writing and spelling





It emphasizes the development of mathematical concepts from concrete to abstract. It involves interactive hands-on activities that make math fun & challenging.


Creative & Enrichment Curriculum

It supports the core curriculum and is more flexible and less structured. This provides a good balance towards all-rounded development.

Music & Movement

The elements of music and movement are interwoven into the teaching of the themes. Some activities are structured to develop coordination skills while others allow greater freedom of expression and individuality.


Art & Craft

Activities like painting, printing, drawing and simple crafts allow children another medium of expression that is fun and absorbing. Attention is focused on creativity and imagination. There is integration with themes covered in the core curriculum.


 Physical Development

Attention is given to the development of gross and fine motor skills. Children have access to a spacious outdoor playground and an inner shady area for other games.



This language is taught (only in K1 & K2) in a fun and interactive way. Children learn basic letters, songs, reading, writing, spelling, matching and constructing sentences

Spiritual Education

Moral instructions are delivered at assembly time and incidentally at other times. It incorporates Bible stories and songs.

 Social Skills

Children are guided and instructed on acceptable social behaviour through discussions and during play times.